When The Lights Go Out (2017)
Dir. Rebecca Shapass, Prod. Nora Zubizarreta & Andrew Petrilak
Cinematography by Cody Powers, Production Design by Kayla Carroll

         When the Lights Go Out is an experimental short film that explores the most intimate and raw moments of womanhood, as told through life of Layla. The film follows a series of interactions between Layla and several men in her life—friends, lovers, and strangers. These non-linear memories mesh together, seemingly occurring over a single evening in New York City. Through these fleeting moments, Layla attempts to make sense of her life and love, eventually turning to her grandmother for the ultimate answers.

         Incorporating found footage from my archive, photographs, and documents (such as birthday cards, baby books, and letters), the film expands to examine the familial relationships which set the precedent for how we interact with the world, ultimately becoming a montage of experiences and images, a collage of the life of a young woman.