Nervous Butterfly (2018), 3:13 loop, sound
With sound by Sean Kiely. Created at Signal Culture in Owego, NY.

An exploration of the word “flight”.

Inside Outside Outside (2018), 2:54 loop, sound

A text-based video work that explores time, memory, and gender using live analog video mixing. Through real-time manipulation of the video’s data, past action is juxtaposed with present thought, creating literal and figurative “mixed signals”. The layering of original text over heavily abstracted Hi-8 home video and recent video images of my body, permits me to obscure the audience’s interaction with my personal history and reclaim it for myself while simultaneously inviting them to attempt to decipher the subtle traces of memory seeping through the fields of color.  

This project was created in-residence at Signal Culture in Owego, NY. Displayed at Open Signal in Portland, Oregon as a part of SATURATE(D).

Teach Me To Barbie (2016), 3:17 loop, sound

This collage of popular media images from my childhood with text and pornographic imagery explores the gaze of 1990s visual culture on the female body.